Zakat and Economic Empowerment of Indian Muslims

Economic strength and empowerment of any community depends both on the endogenous and exogenous factors. Appointment of a High Level committee by PRIME MINISTER OF INDIA to look into the matters of Indian Muslims and suggest ways for their upliftment may be treated as an exogenous factor. But often-endogenous factors acquire greater importance as non-utilization of available opportunities and resources mars any scheme of progress. This may be equally true for Indian Muslims who lag behind in work participation and utilization of potential fund in form of ZAKAT.It may be noted that ZAKAT (a compulsory charity) is inherent and inbuilt in faith and practice of every member of the community with an amount of surplus money/asset. In the following lines therefore an effort is made to evaluate the disbursement and use of ZAKAT in India. Moreover certain inferences are made that may empower the community at a faster rate. Collaborated with government efforts, Indian Muslims can be uplifted to a desired scale faster than not.


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